Writer & Proofreader Looking for Work

I have a very good grasp of the English language, if I say so myself.

More info about my commissions can be found here, but in short:

  • Writing: US $0.04/word; must have an estimate word count
  • Proofreading: US $0.01/word
  • 50% paid upfront, 50% paid after completion
  • I reserve the right to reject a job for any reason
  • Minimum writing estimate of 2,000 words
  • Will provide a free sample between 200-600 words upon request
  • Contact: email (lunaterra25[at]gmail[dot]com), Twitter (@lunaterra_), Discord (lunaterra#8000), Lemma Soft Forums (lunaterra)

My portfolio, including samples of my writing, is over here.


Author: lunaterra

I'm a freelance writer/proofreader for visual novels and other text-heavy games.