Intermediate RenPy Programmer Looking for Work

Hi! I’m a fairly intermediate RenPy programmer, as well as a proofreader (native-English-speaking, but I do not speak any other languages and thus cannot translate). I specialize in grammar and logical consistency, as well as effective word choice and sentence structure.

Given assets and a script, I am able to put together a mid-sized, somewhat basic visual novel in a few months. My record is making a base game from scratch, including writing the script myself, in two months. In two extra months of on-and-off work I was able to add more complex behind-the-scenes code to improve the display and edit the menu’s design/functionality. I am also capable of doing a few more advanced tricks with RenPy if given a little bit of time to figure out exactly how to make it work.

As well as putting a game together, I am also able to proofread the game as I enter the script into the code for absolutely free!

My rates are $30 AUD per hour, with the first four hours ($120 AUD) to be paid upfront. If you would like me to provide proof of hours worked, please let me know before I start so that I can record my desktop as I work and send that to you with the finished product.

The ‘finished product’ includes all the code, which will have as many comments as possible throughout to make it easy for anyone to understand.

I will only work on one project at a time in order to ensure that I am giving that project the focus it requires, and will stay in contact with you over email or Discord to answer any questions and provide updates as required. Additionally, you can feel free to email me after the project is completed with any questions you may have. Questions are free, though revisions of code are subject to my usual rates (any edits that take me less than an hour are free).

If you are interested, please contact me at or over discord at LKing22#9147.


Author: LKing22

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An intermediate RenPy programmer always looking for work! If I don't already know something, I'm always happy to do my research and learn it! I also make my own visual novels.