Strategies to Enhance Your Visual Novel With Music

This lecture breaks down the importance of considering music in a visual novel, and how it can shape your narrative. It is very much designed to be an introductory guide to anyone who hasn’t approached music in a narratively driven, interactive setting before. So whether you are a developer or a musician who hasn’t written for a visual novel before, this talk is for you.

By looking at a few effective examples, as well as discussing common approaches, this talk will provide you with some tools and ways of thinking that will help you better improve the sonic world of your own work.

While there will always be more techniques than I could have ever covered in an hour, the goal is to start exploring the depth simple musical choices can create.

If you ever need more guidance on the subject or just have any questions, I’m always happy to help!

Author: diatonicnerds

I'm Jeff, composer, sound designer, and all around video game audio enthusiast. Creating music and sound is truly my passion and I fully dedicate myself to any and all projects I work on. I have a degree in Music Composition for Film, TV and Games and have worked on projects anywhere from small indie mobile games, to AAA productions, and of course visual novels.

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